Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I might as well post...

...since the work computer is all being fixed and such, basically my boss fucked it up now he is paying for his stupid squirrelly antics is all (he wanted to spy on me, then he put some crap in my comp. That fucked it all up)

This weekend will be my cousin (my first babycakes)  15th bday , we are taking her to mai kai for polynesian food and dance, some of us (my mother, sister) all the sudden have other priorities... Oh Well, I cant exactly spare but how many times does one's practical kid is a Quinceañera? So that

Also OMG YOU GUYS I FINALLT GOT APPROVED AND SIGNED A LOAN MODIFICATION! NOT PARTICULARLY FORGIVING BUT BUT A PAYMENT SO SO SO DUMB LOW that I can, cover it, save, pay bills, I also could rent it out in time and make money, so idk, im not tied or super invested in it but couches and car next, also maybe I can fix the floors, who knows, there are possibilities as fuck all the sudden!, I feel relieved!, happy!.

Now then MAN SHIT:

A) The Principal, poor thing, tried me again, DENIED!, Convenience and FLAT OUT NICENESS and that sexstuff about me first, Outperformed the Dom!.

B) THE NERDY BRIT hit me up too, hours from one another omg believe you me fresh as a fall breezy day talking about: "believe it or not I JUST GOT BACK FROM 2 months in Alaska am I still interested in him coming to fuck the bejeezus outta me"  AS IF! I mean THAT cack WAS amazing and mostly I want to ask him about his INCREDIBLE COLOGNE  but you know me, nil efforts make the bitch in me come out..DENIED (Altthough omg,that accent tho!)

C) My stalker (member, illiterate guy non stop text after the date that wasnt cause my battery died? The one that asked me to pick him up to the airport two weeks after that when I radio silenced him?) FINALLY stopped texting me, I was so over the daily, ignorant shit (and mms messages of him jacking off which couldnt be blocked and were exactly as nasty a sound as you imagine, and the deputizing ghetto friends to hit me up)....he stopped texting cause I faked him out, I totally asked who was this texting my MINOR SON and that we were going to the police with this as this was a new phone!, he is dumb enough.he believed, but im also a good enough actress that I stuck to it!, it worked with Weezy itll work here

D) Speaking off! Omg I went to tag myself on the d.c pics monie put up and randomly wondered about that Fucko, Weezy... And OMG I HOPE YOU ARE SITTING BUT YUCK! He made a baby, A GIRL BABY!! A GIRL BABY THAT LOOKS TO BE IN THE 6 OR 9 MONTHS RANGE!! Amazing non? Makes me think: karma, timelines (YOWZA!, I FEEL LIKE A DRAFT DODGER) how he closed his profile in fb shortly after I defriended him, called him a mistake and faked him out with the phone thing? last idk decish? Jan? And locked it tight from all that stupid shit and trying to hit it with all them "friends" he had there after he got together with a homely looking girl with bad skin?, we are talking a span of weeks, well also I  feel like it confirms all them jokes Gem had about this guy trying to lock up something and be extra, trying to get me to meet his mom (??, member that DESPERATION MOVE?), spend the night (member those poor hostessing skills?), then ask me out after I blatantly said NO? , Also how MANY EFFING TIMES HE TRIED TO RAW DOG ME THOSE DAYS, OMG I FAIL TO COUNT, luckily I take pills like tic tac and happen to be part of the Will.I.Am Tacky Bitches league so NO. I MEAN IT FRIENDS, THIS WAS A BULLET DODGED (this would make mami foam at the mouth cause lately she has been a fucking HARPY about lipo and/or why at 38 if I got no man,  why not just impregnate mtself from whomever? Is she fucking crazy you ask? Yes, is this always? Any time we are alone? Why? Apparently I treat my niece and nephew "too nice".... Yeah, she is a jerk)

E) Lurch is going away for FOUR weeks...I was sorta itchy about what is expected of me during this interim, cause wtf!, but he TOTALLY put me at ease, he came from atl last week and took me to lunch, then sexy times at night (omg I had to go too this groupon peel thing.... but he patiently waited home with spike, yummy Chinese, and, um, somehow easy breezy and such, he got my spare key, which you know, how goddamned squirrelly, uncomfortable I just generally am with these things, all I can think of is: is hard not to like someone being nice, schmoopie with you or for me, to return in kind, good behavior, I think im gwtting nicer in my old age, no? But honestly, Lurch is being pretty perfect, he is sweet, well mannered, attentive, schmoopie, ADORABLE WITH SPIKE, lets me grind on his face whatever length of time, pegging (um hm), porn sharing, he took amazing AMAZING pics of spicky, talks very very openly about whatever I ask, exes, sex, his family, last night was even showing me stuff from when he was a kid and a young dude in the marines and such, cute shit. So yeah my natural personality is rather skittish with guys which in turn makes me highly suspect, well he told me over lunch the other day: "I shut that profile down, cause I cant have you thinking im out there in search of better than you" ... Which... Great and stuff but I was sorta worrying cause... If he leaves im all stuck? Bueno La said I had to speak up and I actually don't know why I was all bubble gutty about it I mean So  last night we are makingboutvin the couch and such and he says that if I want we can find us a guy.. So.... I can have my ULTIMATE SUPER FANTASYBimmf!  (Trust me my gfs have heard me on and on aboutvthis for years! Is a broken, slutty record, yes I want the to touch, kiss, um do things to each other, me, all of us but evidently we'd have to legwork it for the guy that likes,both things equally, Lurch agrees to a lot of whats on my list, willing to go with the flow) Im like COOOOOLLLL but then after sex I sorta ask how come.... Idk what I said maybe something like im not the one wanting extras at the moment just yet, or we were going over how is not been said is exclusive but surely looks that way, but also,um... He IS leaving sat....he said: "oh me? fuck that, im WAY TOO HAPPY WITH YOU so my job is to keep you pleased but I know your hunger and appetite is WAY OUT THERE and I cant dock you for that when I like you and it so much , so im trying to be flexible, I dont wanna share you but I am a realist and Ive also got no right to tell you to hold off for me so I know you might and I wanna keep things open to where, you can tell me about it, or we do it together whatever you need" ( I was feeling kind of constrained truth be told wondering  wtf was I supposed to do here but ME BEING ME I didnt want to bring this up) just him not being a dick period  and telling me i'm not judged, double standared, subject to bullshit, might mean I might actually chillax with it, but HELLO I can fully option to go to fetish party or swingers club etc.... How can I not appreciate that?! Excellent!


rainbowlens said...

squeeeeeallll you got the modification! so glad you can get some breathing room now with the moneys.

I'm still shaking my head in wonderment that weezy sowed his oats and shit. Draft dodger that's your life FOR REAL B

Lurcheries, yes I'm interested to see how this separation will go...he'll be back December? Have we ever clinically tested withdrawals from people like you who got that Unsolved Mysteries?

Monique said...

It seems like you've been trying to get that modification done for the last 3 years! I'm so happy it finally went through.

Qucifer said...

Gem: GIRL you cant imagine my happies!

Im alternatively repulsed, relieved and repulsed, like that!

I giggle every time I read you saying Lurcheries, ...... We dont know, but im gladdenned that he is the ultimate judgment free zone

Mo: JEEEZZZZUUUSSS! tell me about it! Im so happy about that though, im sure they are fucking me over somewhere so I gotta save my moneys this is a good detente to all that shit

Anonymous said...

Congrats boo on the financials! lmao @Bubble gutty. Kiss kiss got a boooyfriend!! Ha ha!

P.S. me too lol call me.