Friday, December 2, 2011

Vlog and Pics, just sleepless rambles

Ok so then here are some pics as per whatever the fuck I just ranted on and on  just now, let.s call em, Vignettes of Mah Life?? yeah Ok

 I Honestly had ONE small Plate, Yeah I turned up in Leopard Print

...the next day I went out with Tia Lusy & Co. for a little bit.. I Saw this shit and had to!
 The Bookshelf from Ikea, why did i do this at like 11pm at night???

The Nexxus Thingie for the hair... seems to help Is STUPID soft right now
 Aside: I'm newly converted to these soy Cube Things!?!?!

I bought in Walgreens, smells A LOT!!, and is EXTREMELY reusable, you put them in the burner like you would oil, so it melts but doesn't evaporate then it gets solid again

and I've used the same cubes 3 times and they still smell strong!!! I think I know who I'm giving some this Xmas!!

also, Nails
 My Boss was acting RIDICULOUS about it Like extra Happy..

Which nicely segues into: Yesterday i cleaned up my Nail Bag.. and ...

Yeah, i have a problem, I'm officially on a moratorium at least 6 months, this is stupid!

Also stupid?: EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FAX that was sent to our office

Please get into it, feel free to tell me EVERYTHING that's wrong with it in the comments section

You know what else is stupid?? Forcing my uncheery rude ass to put up your fucking xmas tree

Fuck my Boss for that... now he is threatening with bringing me an unsolicited Cuckoo Clock from Germany??? why? Give me fucking Xmas money, ugh ... Ugh ( I'm angry cause I might work sunday and I already had a huge fight with him today, he was being a cunt, I hung up on him then he tried to " Make Up" at which point I told him and I Quote: I'm 31 years old, I'm not a kid and CERTAINLY not your kid, you don't even have to apologize for scolding me cause you are not my father you don't scold me I don't get talked to like a kid and That's NEVER gonna be ok period...... he then tried to kiss ass all day, I was Barely talking to his stupid ass)
 It looks Like Xmas Vomited on a plastic tree additionally I dont fucking get why where these his Ornaments?! Bears? Elephants? why?
I was Pretty Pissed cause wtf, then I sneezed the whole rest of the week after opening that shit
 These shitty chicken wire ass ........Tinsel? what?

and finally Nicely segueing into Orneriness: Delight yourself on this Aggressive Ass Cuddler ( Thans to La for that one)

So Yeah This was a post brought to you by lameness and boredom... 2 Asides Big as hell:

Buttercup told me she is sending me an Xmas card, she said the NICEST thing about me and my other blog being a big help,  smiled big as hell just typing that

Previous to that  My Gay Boo in my head @JAAAAAWSH  ( really he is EVERYTHING in my head, fearless, vulgar, brother-in-pornlove, fabulous, hip!!) told me the nicest thing a couple weeks ago, is the kind of loveboost that you remember for the crappy days

Music Now!

Aye Bitches did you know my Spirit Animal, Florence Welch has a new cd called Ceremonials?? Is AMAZING and this is coming from someone that STANNED on "Lungs", I'll do her whole Cd some other Moment, Right this second Tho? I'm in Love Heartbroken, shocked, obsessed with her Cover of Take Care, Yep that Drake Sensitive Thug shit?.. Is Like a new beautimonous luminous song

Florence + the machine = Take Care Cover... See? Compare to Original ( a SWEEEETTT track but this is something else entirely)

Also i got this Chilled house Ministry of House thing  and in OBSESSED with it, 3 cuts in Particular

Numero Uno

Groove Armada- El Padrino: They are a stand by on my Zune but this was remixed nice in that collection

Numero Dos

Marshall Jefferson Vs Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix): The Story is....

Numero Tres

Sharam Feat Kid Cudi She Came Along Reup Club Mix Dj Dem Rok vob: Listen... Listen This shit Is so Yum yum yums some congas in there Kid Is super stupid funny this stuff when you run is Glorious!


rainbowlens said...

I saw the angry xmas tree photo and blacked out again. I don't even know who I am or why I'm here.