Thursday, March 1, 2012

The one where i walk out with a car

 *My Sister STAYS harassing me  about my hair so she calls me Kris Jenner just to fuck with me**

So as per the Video I GOT A NEW (to me) Car, sorry I don't give a shit about fancy stuff, I needed a car that could drive, wouldn't lurch and shut on me while doing reverse, Instead I end up with a Super Adorbs 2004 Toyota Corolla  14k miles all smooth and gas efficient: what had Happened was:

I have been having MORE issues than usual with my car, and fretting about it and I've been talking to Pearl (yeah she is on antidepressants and blocked those bozos she never stops talking about so she's been doing well)  and La and both of them had impressed ( No, told me I BETTER) that i HAD to go to Carmax and get an appraisal both before my car conked out of me and further miles were racked up, fine, but they also encouraged me through my freak out, you know, me and buying big ticket Items, etc, then of course, I have the extra goodness of dealing with people in my family that are not just less than supportive ( say, Uh Tio Blanco, cause he freaks more than me) to downright Mean and obnoxious and impossible ( say my mom, but she isn't here...well she gets here tonight, this was another reason I decided to pull my big girl panties, NOT dealing with her)... Just an appraisal but to also go in well informed, knowing my  "Must Haves" what could be compromised on, what was the Prime Interest Rate and a hard limit I wouldn't cross, but mostly Appraisal and go look, that was the mission. That morning I went, ,cleared out my car completely ( which... was very prescient of me), I went and had it detailed and went with an idea that I MIGHT get like 200 MAYBE and that THAT is all I could give for a down payment ( more on my boss Fucking my taxes up later) and if nothing could be gotten then that was that, fine.

I go, little Mexican dude comes to me very nice, tells me that surely I can have the car appraised and just wait  but then he realizes I speak Spanish and tells me Sotto Voce that Maybe I won't get much cause it IS so old and so many miles, Tu sabes....... I was super disheartened but i called my stepdad to see if maybe he could come to be my moral support or something, after about an hour the guy says: OMG GIRL I've got GOOD NEWS: 3,000 Bucks!!!I  Nearly screamed right in that lobby, he and I both agreed that we simply couldn't imagine my car fetching that much but that this means that THAT would be the car down payment, so my stepdad came was super awesome, we narrowed down to what i wanted to spend ( he wanted more money I only when up a thou) , what I liked and what kind of payment I envisioned myself with and what kind of mileage he wanted, then the car i wanted was pending a sale but the sales guy at this point was asking me out, BEING ENCOURAGED BY MY STEPDAD EVEN AS I WAS TELLING THEM BOTH NOT HAPPENING so he did something and next thing you know i'm driving this sucka.... cut  to: Is mine!

But it still doesn't feel like it I'm paranoid, I've read some weird stories, any noise any whatever I've freaked, I did make my mechanic look at it and he was super impressed said that I made a good sound deal, drove it and everything, so I have a measure of peace, however I'm preparing myself for my mom being rude, salty, and even as she treats me like ass for choosing to buy a car without her express permission/consent she will be trying right and left to drive it, demand rides etc, so you wait for my upcoming rant!.

Then 2 days ago the fucking guy  that sold me the car that for whatever reason discussed his whole life story with us asked me out...... nooooooooooooo no bueno

Back to Taxes : My boss has been HARASSING me  about how he gonna do my taxes SOOOO good and shit and then you know what he does?: Absolutely NOTHING  9 bucks back, that's it, lazy, lame mofo, i am angry cause i bet if i was one of his rich friends he woulda bent over backwards to secure me some nice money, of course i call the Haitian guy that always did them before, which i couldn't go to him initially the way my boss was on me and HE IS A TAX ATTORNEY?@!!IUG!FLU  any ways so I I tell the guy the whole story , he chastised me then finally yesterday tells me he can amend this crap and get me back like 1300ish which the reason i wanted the money was for the car! so I wasn't pressed nor counting with it anymore but i feel like stuff is looking up, I think it'll be passport/car nest payment to give myself room and maybe the couches go!

The Dating has been stalled cause I am on this diet from hell which has been awesomely helpful to cut on my weight/sugars-carb craving/ joints, and when you see loses like that it makes you not want to cheat the system so that's what keeps me from going to drink/stuff my face and such, anywhoo also cause THE PICKINGS ARE AWFUL seriously, i can't say it enough: WTF IS WRONG WITH MEN NOWADAYS?!!? I've gotten the most cheesy poorly thought out lazy ass approaches in EVER is so uninspiring that I might as well NOT break my diet for this sorry shit!, Speaking of which, randomly Lurch called me Sunday..ummm errr ummm No is cool!

**Update: Oh If Mommy Dearest wasn't COMPLIMENTARY about the car like Happy happy!..... followed by "you've lost a lot of weight... you need to work out, and then the ONLY thing she brings back from Venezuela no bullshit... a workout outfit, well one for me one for Binks*****

M.I.A- Bad Girls: Obsessed don't explain it

The Noisettes- Atticus: I've always worshipped at the altar of Shingai but for some reason it's been all about this song the past few weeks too! Get into this regal bitch's voice tho, let alone clothes/makeup and hair

Elbow- I've got your Number : Now that I'm ensconced safely in my forced celibacy sex is all i can think of, and this is a perfect sex song,  those lyrics are deadly


Monique said...

Yay! Congrats on the new car QQ. I drive a 2005 Toyota Corolla LE and let me tell you, that car is the best ever. I literally fill up ever 7-10 days. No seriously.

Your mom is a trip. LOL

*whips out my pimp hand for the boss messing up your taxes* That's foul. Doesn't he know you can't play with a woman and her money??

PoliBohoGlam said...

Congrats, Dahling!
Next year I can hook you up on the tax front, but I see you have a great dude down there. Maybe it was for the best to have things fall the way they did? Now you got possible couch money. Hey, now!
Now, if I do my taxes for the last three years, I might be able to get ME a car. Trying to be like you, lovely. :)

Qucifer said...

Thank you girls! Oh Monique you dont know the half! I actually freaked cause the gauge would barely move i literally have been floored by the gas thing!

integratedmemoirs said...

Congrats on the new car! Let me get a ride to the grocery store, lol!


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I could've sworn I posted a congrats comment..
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!ON YOUR NEW CAR!!!!! *throws confetti*