Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tigers and Lions and Gays, Oh My!

So sorry but this was the easiest way to update, and also my computer needs like updated drivers and shit fact is i Probably need a new computer but I'm chilling, I am ding things one step at a time

I'm a Retard, I know, I'm a plum foolishness but really, I'm a very happy fool

The Not my Main Gay (this goes to another Gent) is Baffling cause He is Cute, Bald, Im always Thoroughly Amused by him but also in perpetual SMDH at him and tell him as much, he is very Exuberant and WEEE!!! and full of weird whimsy and Happies and shit But we can Talk for hours and he Always says the Nicest shit afterwards and is a Perfect Gentleman Until... he  isn't, and THAT is very fun, the fact i almost knocked him out with my legs mid crazy convulsion, induced by him etc is always just... ROTFLMAO La said: Oh He is a Big Homo... That like your pussy , if so Call me Black Liza Minnelli and This is Fun

And seriously he is so good at this, this shit impressed me A LOT, actually and now I wish I had taped him doing more, no, not the massage or the sexy times, The Playing (Is also a DAMNED SHAME my phone does better vids than my fuck ass laptop)

..Another thing I wish I had done? Taken the pics of the Tiger Trainer brought to me with those GORGEOUS ass animals, Seriously he had THE COOLEST pics and stories, he is really entertaining and at the same time Very Zen, so This is working out Great for me at the moment!!

Speaking of Zen and Sexy Shit:This

Blank & Jones- Quedate

Africanism- Edony (Clap your Hands)


Gem said...

The fact that you are someone's pudenda beard AND you have a dalliance with Siegfried....I'm just so done with you this year.

Qucifer said...

What I cant with, Gemmy dear Is YOU coming up with these descriptions